Speech therapist’s consultation 100 zł
Psychologist’s consultation 100 zł
Neurodevelopmental diagnostics of neonates 150 zł
Physiotherapist’s consultation 150 zł


Hand therapy 100 zł/40min
Individual therapy 100 zł/50min
Neonatal therapy 120 zł/50min
Vojta method therapy 120 zł/50min
Speech therapy 120 zł/50min
Psychological therapy 100 zł/50min
Vision therapy 120 zł/50min

80 zł/60 min

50 zł/30 min

Robotic therapy

Therapy with the Erigo Pro table 100 zł
Therapy with Lokomat Pro 6 200 zł
Vision therapy with C-Eye (oculography) 120 zł

In-patient sessions

A “week” at the centre comprises 5 days of rehabilitation.

We offer 10 to 20 day-long sessions.

The price of the session depends on the individual needs of the patient. The prices may differ from those proposed on the website. 

The sessions are customised to the patient’s needs.

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